Anatomy of an OOTD, Part I

Creating OOTD (outfit of the day) posts is an art and a science. It’s a process that builds on the backbone of a fabulous outfit, fleshes out its potential through photography, and breathes life into the final picture by adding your own personal flair before hitting “post” on Instagram.

We recently asked Instagram style bloggers AJ Dee (@thefilodapper), Kryz Uy (@kryzzzie), and Aria Clemente (@ariadaniella) to dissect their OOTD process and pinpoint what goes on behind creating outfits that are perfectly on-point.

Part the First: FASHION

How do you plan your outfits?

AJ: Weather plays a big role in choosing my outfit, starting from the thickness of the fabric down to choosing the appropriate colors. I’m usually wearing a suit for a dressed-up look and sports jacket for the opposite…I need to consider several things like the fabric of my suit, tie, prints and the type of leather shoes.

Kryz: I start with thinking of what I’ll be doing for the day, pick a practical combination, then find a way to make it special.

Aria: It’s different every time…it’s hit or miss. Sometimes outfits look really good in my head but don’t really translate in real life. There are times I put random things on for fun but they end up looking really good together.

How particular are you about accessories and the smaller details of your outfit?

AJ: Accessorizing and the minute details of my style are vital as they give the look a personal identity. But these small details can be tricky, and can ruin your entire look. I take these details [seriously]because it requires a lot of balance and moderation.

Kryz: I used to be very particular about this step, but now, I prefer more elegant and classic pieces that don’t steal from the look.

Aria: I’ve only recently started to pay attention to accessories…I used to just wear clothes and go. I bought a brown belt recently and it changed my life—I was so surprised how a simple item could pull a look together! Same with statement earrings.

Do you put more emphasis on form or function?

AJ: I consider fit and wearing appropriate clothes to be very important (and) on the same level.

Kryz: Function. [An outfit should be] effortless and comfortable, always.

Aria: I try to keep a balance between both….[form over function] is more of me dressing a little bit inappropriately for the weather when I really want to wear a certain piece that day, [like] a jacket when it’s hot, or a backless bodysuit when it’s cold. All my choices are still within reason, though.

How much do you take trends into consideration?

Aria: I pick and choose which trends to participate in…if I like it, I like it and I will wear it whether it’s trendy at the moment or not. I am more concerned with the longevity of the item. I’m conscious of the waste I produce…I never want to perpetuate excessiveness on my social channels. I’d rather have meaningful pieces rather than a clothing haul every couple of weeks. I want to be able to look at every piece I own and tell a story of [where and how]I got it. My closet is always evolving because I am, too. That’s why I think it’s important to choose pieces that grow with you, not pieces that will be dumped out next season.

Where do you usually draw inspiration?

AJ: Presently, I get my inspirations from the 1920s and ’30s eras, some sartorial influencers, and most of all, the Italians.

Kryz: I find inspiration from streetstyle and my travels—literally anywhere. Once, from a colorful dish in a resto!

What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve drawn inspiration from?

Aria: I did an outfit post inspired by the Gangreen Gang from the Powerpuff Girls. I bought a Champion sweater in a really weird green shade that’s not quite neon and not quite lime green…and then it clicked! In my head, I was like, “Wait, I’ve seen this shade of green before!” So I paired it with ripped jeans, moss green socks and Teva sandals and BAM! It worked. □

This article was originally published in The Manila Times on April 28, 2018.

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