Date a Boy Who Draws

Date a boy who draws. Date a boy who is familiar with the joy of creation, who revels in the godliness of making something out of nothing. A boy who will never be boring, because it is not in his nature to be stagnant. A boy who is always searching for inspiration, for new experiences and fresh subjects. Someone who takes life in all its lights and shadows. Someone with aspirations and ambitions, because every artist, even in the minutest way, hopes that he will change the world.

Find a boy who draws. If he doesn’t reveal himself to you right away, don’t worry. He’s the one the Economics prof will single out for not paying attention during his lecture, who sits in the back row of the classroom with a mechanical pencil in hand, daydreaming. Your gaze will be drawn to the inkblots on his thumb. To the illegible scrawl that fills his notebook, the margins littered with doodles reflecting his mood at any given time, the back section filled with full-page drawings. To the worn backpack he carries, empty save for a sketchpad and a bulging pencil case. And once he catches your eye, you’ll never be able to look away.

You’ll start out as his fan, anonymously lurking on his deviantART and admiring his bad-assery from a distance. You’ll be his friend, spending your free periods with him in companionable silence, enjoying the stillness of the morning while you study and he inks his latest masterpiece. You’ll be fascinated by the way his wrist moves back and forth on a blank page. By the lead blossoming into figures and scenes in its wake. By his hands.

You’ll fall in love with him. Slowly. Gradually. In stops and starts. With innumerable erasures and do-overs. You will fall in love with this boy who disturbs the comfort of your sanity, and comforts the disturbances of your madness. You will fall in love with this boy who makes your soul come alive as naturally as he brings to life the people you’ve only ever seen in your imagination.

Date a boy who draws because a boy who draws will have an eye for beauty. A boy who draws will have good taste—and that is why a boy who draws will date you. Date him, because he will think you are beautiful, and will devote his time to making you feel so.

He will call you his muse, his French girl. He will show up outside your classroom on Valentine’s Day, bearing two jars of Nutella and a drawing of you that he slaved over until 2AM the night prior. He will illustrate rather than tell, will invest in actions instead of pretty words. His affection will be as visually appealing as the pictures he will sketch of you. He will make you feel, for the first time in your life, that you’re worth making the effort for.

Share his mind. Share his victories. Rejoice in every unborn concept, in every completed piece. Lose yourself to the pride that surges through your chest when you see his name next to a published artwork. Brag about him to anyone who will listen—not everyone is lucky to date a boy who draws.

Share his heart. Share his bed. Discover that his fingers will be as talented on your skin as they are on paper. Let him handle you with the same unerring deftness with which he wields his pencil. Remember that the artist in the flesh is more perfect that any of the lines he will draw in his lifetime.

Share his world. Share his interest, if his passion is a realm into which you cannot follow. Ask him about pen points. Buy him that Sharpie he’s been looking everywhere for. Send him links to cool art blogs when he’s feeling uninspired. Get yourself an education from this boy who’s only too happy to erase the borders of your horizons and re-constellate the stars in your skies.

Date that boy because he will need you. He will need you to clear up the clutter in his mind (and on his desk). Don’t be afraid to be honest with him. Tell him that arm is out of proportion, tell him you didn’t appreciate that last thing he said. He may be upset at first, but he will accept your criticism, because he knows as any artist does that your comments are only intended to help him improve. He is not perfect, and he will humbly admit that, but with time and practice he will get better. All he asks is that you wait.

Choosing the boy who draws is choosing happiness. Every day you’ll have together is a work of art unto itself, yet each one is but a penstroke in the entire masterpiece of your relationship. Date a boy who draws, a boy who is incomparable, incredible, and utterly, utterly amazing. Date a boy who draws because the world can offer you nothing better.

Except perhaps a boy who writes.

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