Lexical Gap (On the Day You Were Born)

On the day you were born,
the Force that bound the galaxy
spread a hush over the world
and a hole was blown wide open
in the heart of human language

like a gap in the Noise
filled with terrifyingly beautiful silence
that stretched wide as the maw
of a lion’s mouth
as it roared its majesty
for all to hear

and it shamed the writer who loved you
when all she could give you
were prosaic one-liners and vertical sentences
that were her sorry excuse for poetry,
when you are


the kind of person who inspired feelings
better people tried
—though in vain—
to write novels about,

because there is no word yet invented
—nor will there be—
to describe the phenomenon

(of so much perfection
being contained in a single being)

that came into existence
on the day you were born. □

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