The Weekend

Soon-to-be doctors eventually forget, so it seems,
At this fast pace we run in pursuit of our dreams
That though we rise to each challenge and survive every test
Even medical students at times need to rest

Elevate those legs, slow down, and relax
Take the weight of the world and your bag off your back
Let the glorious sunrise for once pass you by
And enjoy the view behind the backs of your eyes

Wash off the stress with an hour-long shower
Exchange smelling like formalin for shampoo and flowers
Later, step out and sparkle in clothes that aren’t white
There’s more reason than studying to stay up all night

There are films being shown and shows being filmed
Buffet dishes piled high and beer glasses filled
The city is calling, awake, alert, and alive
Outside Agar plates, cultures flourish and thrive

There are books to be read where there are no mention
Of oxidation, reduction, or decarboxylation
There is music to dance to that sounds nothing like
Sedative-hypnotic voices speaking into mics

There are cocks and balls ready for rackets and hoops
Paths that lie undisturbed by crisp running shoes
There’s first blood to be drawn and carries to feed,
And the new Grand Theft Auto’s just been released

There’s mischief to manage and fun you’ve been missing,
Love to be had and lips that need kissing
There are photos to be taken and art to create
Highways to be traveled and journeys to make

There are family waiting for you to come home
Friends to meet up with, adventures to go on
Some people are born, and still some pass away
And there’s something new on the news each day

So lay down your burden, claim your well-deserved break
The demands of reality and duty can wait
God himself has commanded that you rest, my friend
And sing hallelujah, for it’s the weekend! □


Originally published in the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery’s Sulo, for the prompt “Beyond Medicine.”

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