Even the Queen of the Home Does Not Get Her Due

Hera Alexandros, Queen of the Gods
Hera Teleia, patroness of marriages

grant us in your grace

a harmonious family

an enduring union

and a faithful and loving marriage

From our temples on earth, we raise our voices
From her throne on Olympus, Hera hears

but when she retires to

a cold home

an empty bed

and a husband who worships

at the fonts of women

lesser than she

who does Hera pray to?

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Reina reviews To the Sun, Moon, and Stars

Beautiful in its bravery, To the Sun, Moon, and Stars is the first book by Filipina author Cariza Opana. The book is a collection of poetry and prose from the author’s old blog, Paper Antlers (which has since been converted into a website for the book).

Filipina illustrator Elle Om divides the book into three sections – one each for the sun, the moon, and the stars. The cover and the dividers feature mournful girls in high-contrast black and white line art, which perfectly accompany the melancholy but gently hopeful tone of the writing.

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A Spell for Someone Who Hurt You

You will know pain like the pain you caused me.
That is not my curse;
that is the Law of the Universe.

My curse is thus:
You will know guilt.

You will know guilt,
and you will know it was for hurting me then
that you are hurt yourself now.

You will know guilt,
and you will strive to apologize,
if not in words to me, then in the actions you pay forward to others.

You will know guilt,
and you will learn from it.

It will teach you to do better.
It will teach you not to cause anyone that pain again. □

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Story Time: Hello There, First Look Club!

I thought when I left the health care profession, I was through holding vigil for lists and waiting to see if my name would be on them – through with nursing boards, the UST Med entrance exam, and the Biochem pass list. Guess not!

And yet, this list means just as much to me as the others that came before. Perhaps more, because leaving the health care profession to become a writer has always meant each move had more at stake.

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Short Poems by Reina

She’s art and science, faith and magic, all wrapped up in one.
And you may see one side of her at a time, you may insist she stay on one path at a time;
but she is all of those things, always, inseparably.
And what path she takes is not up to you.
The Scholar, the Witch, and the Writer

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