The Weekend

Soon-to-be doctors eventually forget, so it seems,
At this fast pace we run in pursuit of our dreams
That though we rise to each challenge and survive every test
Even medical students at times need to rest

Elevate those legs, slow down, and relax
Take the weight of the world and your bag off your back
Let the glorious sunrise for once pass you by
And enjoy the view behind the backs of your eyes

Wash off the stress with an hour-long shower
Exchange smelling like formalin for shampoo and flowers
Later, step out and sparkle in clothes that aren’t white
There’s more reason than studying to stay up all night

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The Anatomy of a Nurse

Today we have an angel
As the subject of our anatomy class
Observe the immaculate but simple
Holistic beauty that she has.
And now shrug off the smock gown
And remove the whites
Let’s examine the nurse more closely
Beneath the OR lights.

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The Time Bomb

“If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?”

4:59. Whoever designed this facet of the universe certainly didn’t take into consideration the possibility that we might not actually appreciate being warned about an enormous, life-changing crisis just five minutes before it happens.

Meeting someone you’ve harbored a long-time crush on online in normal circumstances is, naturally, stressful.

Meeting someone you’ve harbored a long-time crush on and having the timer on your wrist flare to life just five minutes before the fact is apocalyptic.

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Cuddle Weather

He called it reading weather, but I disagreed.

While it certainly was the right temperature for a hot drink and a good story, it was my opinion that books could be enjoyed whatever the atmospheric condition, but what I had in mind would be (and by experience, I knew was) troublesome in the muggy summer heat.

Besides, I’d spent too many days like this with figments of my imagination. It was about time I found out what the real thing felt like.

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Dolor in Color

All storms begin as disturbances, and when they brew, it is ubiquitous. It is in your classroom, the show you are watching, the walk to your car at 9PM. Association is a powerful thing, and soon you are left with tainted memories and blurred visions.

Anger makes you see red. You want to scream. To run away. To throw things. To break faces. To wring necks. To fly into a rage of fire and blood.

In the end your fury concentrates itself into an ache in your stomach, and there you sit, quiet but dangerous, like a ticking time bomb.

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