Date a Boy Who Draws

Date a boy who draws. Date a boy who is familiar with the joy of creation, who revels in the godliness of making something out of nothing. A boy who will never be boring, because it is not in his nature to be stagnant. A boy who is always searching for inspiration, for new experiences and fresh subjects. Someone who takes life in all its lights and shadows. Someone with aspirations and ambitions, because every artist, even in the minutest way, hopes that he will change the world.

Find a boy who draws. If he doesn’t reveal himself to you right away, don’t worry. He’s the one the Economics prof will single out for not paying attention during his lecture, who sits in the back row of the classroom with a mechanical pencil in hand, daydreaming. Your gaze will be drawn to the inkblots on his thumb. To the illegible scrawl that fills his notebook, the margins littered with doodles reflecting his mood at any given time, the back section filled with full-page drawings. To the worn backpack he carries, empty save for a sketchpad and a bulging pencil case. And once he catches your eye, you’ll never be able to look away.

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The Filipino Influence

Let’s talk about Black Panther. Specifically, let’s talk about how the film’s all-female military force, the Dora Milaje, were made to look battle-ready and runway-ready at the same time.

Visual development illustrator Antonio Francisco took inspiration for the Dora Milaje mostly from Kenyan, Tanzanian, and South African tribes—but also incorporated his own Filipino roots. It’s a source of pride to note that Black Panther’s widely-praised costume design was partly inspired by traditional Ifugao clothing, proving that Filipino fashion has mainstream appeal.

But that’s not news. Filipino designers have been making waves on the international stage by showcasing the uniqueness of Filipino style for decades. The question is, how much effect has Filipino fashion had on those watching? Let’s unravel that by exploring how far the ripple has reached in terms of influencing international designers.

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5 Ways to Add a Vintage Flair

The fun in dressing vintage comes from giving new life to styles that have withstood the test of time. However, wearing an outfit that consists purely of vintage pieces can feel like a costume—which can be fun to rock on special occasions but will not be appropriate for everyday wear.

Bringing an old trend back can be a risky balancing act, but when achieved will be aesthetically rewarding. Here’s how to tastefully incorporate vintage into your daily wardrobe!

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Anatomy of an OOTD, Part II

Last week, we cut all the way down to the bare bones of what made a fashionable OOTD. Now we’ll discover how to make that outfit come alive online!

Building on the foundation of solid fashion choices, we’ll look at bringing an outfit to life through photography, setting the mood during post-processing, and telling its story via well-crafted Instagram captions.

In the second half of this article, we ask style bloggers AJ Dee, Kryz Uy and Aria Clemente to take us step by step through their creative process behind shooting and processing their Instagram OOTD posts!

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Anatomy of an OOTD, Part I

Creating OOTD (outfit of the day) posts is an art and a science. It’s a process that builds on the backbone of a fabulous outfit, fleshes out its potential through photography, and breathes life into the final picture by adding your own personal flair before hitting “post” on Instagram.

We recently asked Instagram style bloggers AJ Dee (@thefilodapper), Kryz Uy (@kryzzzie), and Aria Clemente (@ariadaniella) to dissect their OOTD process and pinpoint what goes on behind creating outfits that are perfectly on-point.

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Murad Launches Newest Power Duo in Resurgence Collection

Skincare can be intimidating and overwhelming when those who do the routine mention loads of different products for different skin concerns. However, the trend of skincare focuses on targeting a range of skin concerns with one or few products.

Last March 14, Rustan’s The Beauty Source hosted the launch of Murad’s newest retinol-based products, the Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum and Night Cream.

The launch was held at Raffles Makati, featuring an elegant slumber party theme. Guests donned satin bathrobes as they lounged around the venue and took part in the event’s activities designed to relax and rejuvenate. There was a photo booth designed to look like a breezy canopy bed, a coloring area where guests could have some quiet time, and a Design Your Own Eye Mask station where they personalized Murad eye masks with sequins and beads.

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Shade of It All: Four Sunglasses Stores That Have Your Eyes Covered This Season

The eyewear industry is rising as steadily as the sun, and it’s clear as day why.

The current generation is dedicated to sharing picture-perfect lives on the Internet, where everyone’s OOTDs must always be on point and travel culture is booming. All of a sudden, sunglasses have become vital – as a fashion accessory and as a necessity during travel and outdoor exploits. In fact, marketing research body Euromonitor has specifically cited “image consciousness of consumers combined with the knowledge provided through social media” as a reason for growth.

Small eyewear brands in particular are having their day in the sun – creating classy designs that rival the appeal of luxury eyewear, offering their goods at a drastically lower price, and turning accessibility into ubiquity. Great eyewear is everywhere now, which is fabulous news as we dive into the summer months and their promise of adventure. Here are four stores that have got your eyes covered this season!

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